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Edu.Care Green participates in DivertiDenti, the project that brings oral hygiene education and fun to school and home.

Edu.Care Green wants to contribute to sustainable education for proper oral hygiene by telling children aged 3 to 9 years how good and important it is to take care of their mouths.

DivertiDenti is sharing, education and lots of fun, to learn how to take care of your teeth with a smile from an early age!

Brushing is learning, even at school!

Proper oral hygiene is essential to support children’s harmonious growth, at home as well as at school. Healthy gums and teeth are linked to language development, self-esteem, and general well-being, hence it is important to start talking about them as early as preschool and primary school.

This is why DivertiDenti is also a dental hygiene education project dedicated to schools that offers teachers free educational tools designed for children aged 3 to 6 and 7 to 9.

Teachers can participate in the project and contest by registering their class. There are plenty of materials available for engaging learning activities. The uploaded content will allow the school to win one of 4 prizes of €400 in educational material or one of 10 supplies of oral hygiene products for children.

Oral hygiene as an opportunity for family bonding

The project, through the content made available on its platform, aims to turn dental education into a daily moment of fun, relating and bonding! Children love family rituals as moments of joy to bond.

Learn more about the educational project that supports teachers (and parents) with activities and tips to make oral hygiene a moment of child-friendly playtime.

Donne in corsa (‘Women on the run’)

Edu.Care, which has always been committed to ‘educating’ and taking ‘care’ of people of all ages, especially women, found it natural to join the Donne in Corsa project by actively participating in the charity sports event held in Parma on Sunday 9 October 2022.

DONNE IN CORSA is committed to gender equality and the protection of rights; ‘we firmly believe in women and we are happy to help them become aware of their rights, for the future of the whole society’.