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The brand


This is a trademark of Rolly Brush s.r.l., a Parma-based company that has been designing, manufacturing and marketing personal care items for over 16 years.

The brand was born in 2018 with the natural baby care product line. Subsequently, others were developed. In particular the green line that offers products made from sustainable raw materials, with a focus on oral hygiene. The protect line, on the other hand, offers products for personal protection.

We take care of you

Edu.Care offers natural and environmentally friendly products to take care of the consumer by educating them in conscious and responsible behaviour in their purchasing choices.

Three different lines designed for your well-being

EDU.CARE Green aims to educate both children and adults in caring for the environment as well as their own oral hygiene. The line offers sustainable products: from the bamboo toothbrush for children to toothpaste for adults, as well as bioplastic (PLA) products.

EDU.CARE Baby is alongside mothers, in particular, new mothers, to take care of them and their babies (0-2 years) and to educate them on proper skin care and hygiene. It does so by offering a line of products with ingredients of natural origin, strictly made in Italy.

EDU.CARE Protect offers a line of licensed child protection masks. The aim is to educate consumers, even children, in the importance of prevention.